Thursday, February 4, 2016

Running again!!!

Guess what???  I’ve gone running twice this week.  Well, trotting mostly.  And in short intervals.  Basically I’m starting over with the running, but it’s all GOOD!!! I moved at faster than a walking speed!  Wearing running clothes! And running shoes! I was running!

I’m not going to lie: my right foot is still not 100%. But it’s mostly recovered.  It doesn’t so much “hurt” as it’s still a wee bit sore. Does that make sense?  So I’m definitely taking it easy, and monitoring the way it feels as I go along.

Stylin' new running shoes! (Ignore unattractive grocery bag.  You can tell I'm
not a professional-type blogger.  Any "real" blogger would have moved that
crap or taken a new pic.  Not me!)

I went to our local running store to buy new shoes last weekend.  I told them about the foot, and they instantly realized I needed cushioning. I asked about Hokas, having heard about them from MANY running bloggers, and tried some on. Loved them, thought they might be the “one”. But then they brought out some Brooks Glycerine 13’s for me to try out. I'm not sure I've ever even tried out Brooks. Maybe back in college? Holy cow! They were even more cushioned than the Hokas! I felt like my feet were being hugged! So I went with the Brooks, though cheap they weren’t.  Still, I need to take care of my feet. No more pretending I’m 19 and can run in whatever I want, you know?

After purchasing said shoes, I went for a run with my oldest on Sunday morning. We’re once again doing the Couch-to-5K (C2-5K) plan, and we started on week 2, which was very doable.  We went a total of 3 miles, and it was really great to be out there again moving faster than a stroll!

We went again on Tuesday evening, but only 2 miles total, mainly because it was already dark, and my youngest had come along on his bike and decided he really wanted to go back home, so we called it at the 2 mile turn-around and headed back. 

I can’t tell you how happy I am to be running again!  My plan this time around is to only run three or four days per week - and absolutely NO back-to-back runs.  I want to make sure that my foot (and the rest of me) has plenty of recovery time between the poundings (see previous reference to not being 19 any more).  

I'm still nervous about the foot, but I figure as long as I don't get crazy with it and monitor it closely, I should be ok, right?  (That's when you say, "Yeah, right!")

Will keep you posted . . .