Monday, November 9, 2015

Week of 11/1/2015 Running Update

Warning: this post is all about running.  If you don't care about my running, you may want to skip this one and wait for the one with my recent pics.  Coming soon.


Let me start this out by saying that since re-starting my blog and writing about my running (among other things), I've debated with myself about whether I should put my running statistics out here on the internets verses just talking in generalities. See, if the actual stats are out here, God and everyone who stumbles on this blog will bear witness my plodding paces. It’s especially embarrassing because I know some of my good college friends and even cool bloggers I follow are out running 10 and 20 milers and doing marathons all over the place. And not just marathons!  One of my favorite bloggers completed a 100-mile race just a few months ago. Not that they’re likely to read this blog, but still, those athletes make me feel like a poser, and really………….really………….out of shape, and really.............really.............slow.

Me running verses EVERY OTHER RUNNER running.

But then I told myself, “Relax, take a deep breath. It’ll be OK”. After all, I’m not putting myself out here as some running guru.  I’m not pretending to be Ms. Uber-Fitness Florida and offering coaching tips.  This little bloggie corner of the internet is mainly to give me an outlet to spew about my running, maybe my efforts at healthy living (which have their ups and downs) and to provide me with some accountability. And I figure my parents and other family members will read it for the kid-content, if nothing else :-).

If I want to document my growth as a runner and athlete, and maybe even provide companionship for anyone else who decides to get back in shape or start running, then I need to not be a chickenshit, man-up and just put the stats out there.

My mantra.

So, that said, here’s what happened on my runs this week:

Sunday, November 1, 2015. 

I briefly touched on this one in my post from 11/2/2015, but I figured I’d recap here, for consistency.  I’m going to try to do these updates on a weekly basis.  Unless I change my mind and go back to writing them out on a case-by-case basis.  This blog is a work-in-progress.

The time change (reversal of daylight savings time, which happened Sunday morning) was good to me.  Sort of.  I woke up stupid-early (like 3:30 am, maybe?) due to a bad dream and the time change messing with my brain, and when it was clear I wasn’t going to be falling back to sleep, I made some coffee and started my day.  So by the time daylight arrived, I was fairly awake.  And it was still quite cool outside, which is hit or miss here in Florida in the fall.  

Total Distance:  4.06 mi
Total Time: 58:40 min
Avg Pace:   14.27 min/mile

Sunday was really a lovely run.  It was pretty, it was cool(ish), I felt good, I was caffeinated.  All the elements came together and gave me a sweet little run.  Other than my annoying right foot pain, I have no complaints!

Oh, and one other thing that cracks me up: when I look at my splits, I can clearly see that I go from very few walk breaks in the early miles to more and more walking - my pace is slower every mile - no negative splits here! But still OK. And I should add that my walking is really slow unless I consciously think to myself, "Move your ass, Girl!" So when I walk, the pace drops a LOT, even if there is some running going on during that split. Clearly, the goal is to get to 0 walk breaks!  Hopefully will be soon.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015.
Got up butt early and was out the door by 4:45 am.  Yes, you read me right.  The other day I called my workouts “intervals”, but in reality they’re actually fartleks.  Yes, that’s a word, and it isn’t a bodily function. Farklek training involves “periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running," but not at regular intervals. My method of fartlek training is essentially running until I feel like I’m going to die, then taking a brief walk break until my heart rate drops and running again feels like a viable life option. Lather, rinse, repeat.  What can I say? I’m just happy my breaks have become much fewer and shorter in duration compared to, say, back in July.

Total Distance:  3.78 miles
Total Time:  52:19 min
Avg Pace:  13:49 min/mi
Critter Count:  8 (yes, 8!!!) live toads
           2 squished toads (I think – I didn’t really want to look too close)
Kids, just say "No" to Pop Tarts.
           0 slugs (must be out of season!)

And for the jerk who left your dog’s crap in the middle of the sidewalk?  I hope karma bites you on the ass when you’re least expecting it.  Happily, I didn’t step in said crap, or I’d be feeling WAY less charitable. 

Another happy run.  My right foot still bothered me, but it wasn’t debilitating. I wasn't too freaked out about it still being so dark. And I felt good. Even though it was early and I’d had a couple of glasses of wine the night before. And some cheese and salami.  And two pop tarts.   At least this effort should have burned off the pop tarts – so I’m calling it a successful run.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015.
Quick and easy 1-miler after work with my oldest.  He's training for a one-mile fun run at school the week of Thanksgiving and he's doing great. We went 1/2 mile, then walked for a bit (maybe a little over a minute?) then ran the rest of the way back.

Total Distance:  1.02 miles
Total Time:  13:13 min
Avg Pace:  13:00 min/mi

I thought this was excellent, given that we walked a bit.  Map my run says our actual running pace was about 12:00 min/mile, so not too shabby!

I'd love to regale you with the running adventures that I had this weekend, but the truth is, I didn't run at all. IDK what the deal was, but I just didn't feel like running. What can I say? Some days it happens! So I had a nice relaxing weekend off.  Did some (a LOT of) reading, watched some TV. Took the kids to another friend birthday party (this time at Rebounderz, the trampoline place). Saw an old work friend at Rebounderz, which was nice. And last night was Walking Dead / Talking Dead night. Awesome! So no running, but a nice weekend nonetheless.