Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Update - 11/2/2015

I’ve been sick.  Not deathly ill.  Just a cold.  But still annoying.  And I feel cause & effect at work here.  For the past three weeks-ish, I’ve been in a negative spiral. 

Me, last week (recovering from the Great Birthday Party Camp-Out Extravaganza)

I should have seen the cold coming from a mile away. 

It’s synergistic.  if you’re making bad choices, it leads to more bad choices, and when you’re making good choices, its easier to keep making good ones. In other words, once I’m on a roll, I tend to stay on a roll. Or an object in motion tends to remain in motion. The important thing is getting back on the horse. (Trying to see if I can use the MOST clichés in one paragraph!)

So that’s what I did this weekend. Got back on the horse.  I’m finished with birthday parties and Halloween and work deadlines for a while, so it was the perfect time to reset and save myself from going down the dark path to Mordor. Or a fat(er) ass. It's a metphor.

Funny GIF, but am I the only one who's extremely
bothered by the terrible grammar? And lack of
capitalization! Who's with me???
Friday I was still feeling fairly crappy.  Sore throat.  Tired.  Headache. But I picked up some Emergen-C,  stocked up on cough drops, and drank all the water. 

I was feeling better by Saturday morning, so I did 6-miles, interval-style.  It was awesome.  Really, one of the better runs I’ve done in a while.  My average pace was 15:29, which would suck if I ran the whole time, but that included plenty of walk breaks, so I was totally pleased with it. I was very happy to get the distance in, but I have to admit that my right foot is really bugging me.  I think my new shoes are too big or something. The joints on all my toes hurt like the devil after I’ve gone about 1.5 miles. And the arch even hurts a bit off and on.  I might get an insole, but I really think what I’m going to do is go to First Place Sports, the “real” running store here in NE Florida, and have them size me. It’s been forever since I’ve been sized by the experts, and I’ve gained weight and a bunch of years since then, so I’m probably overdue.  Hopefully that will help.  It does annoy me that my new-ish shoes aren’t working out for me, though.  And I will say, this doesn’t feel like an injury – really it feels more arthritis-type achy.  I’m hoping a good fit will help me out.  That won’t happen for a couple of weeks, but I’m already looking forward to it.

Things you see when running in Florida.
No, we have no gators in the pond.  I think the sign is just to scare people.
So, regardless of the foot owwies, I didn’t want to squander my valuable weekend time, so I went for another run on Sunday morning.  And you know what?  Running is weird.  The foot still bothered me, but I had a totally awesome 4-miler (again, interval-style – I’m still trying to build my endurance, especially since I was a slacker for the past few weeks).  Average pace? 14:27 min/mile.  Again, I’m stoked.  My actual running pace is around 11 min/mile, which I’m totally fine with at this point.  YAY.  Though I do hope this is the last post in which I'll admit to being "stoked" over a 14:27 min/mile average pace. I want to look like a runner, not a trotter. Wait, that didn't sound right at all.  But you know what I mean.  Onward and upward!

Ridiculously pretty Sunday morning run.
Before it turned into Florida and got ridiculously hot as well as ridiculously pretty.

Other stuff that happened this weekend?  Oh, yeah, Halloween!

My posse.  Of course, because "Florida" and it was ridiculously hot, my youngest ended up bailing on the awesome all-black "party" suit and changing into an old pirate costume.  I'm all for my kids actually breathing while scoring loads of candy.

Halloween overachievers 1.

Halloween overachievers 2.

Other than all that fun stuff, the weekend was fairly relaxing.  Hanging out in the back yard.   Trip to the pool. And a long, lovely nap on Sunday. I needed it.

Me and the dog.  Yes, I'm wearing my son's flip flops.  Mine broke.  Note to self:  Buy yourself some new sandals!!

Oh, and since there's probably no chance of me ever becoming a "foodie" blogger (because I suck at cooking and really don't enjoy it all that much), you won't see 3,000 food pics from me.  BUT, I was rather proud of my taco salad yesterday:

Isn't it pretty? Ground turkey, avocado, cannelini & kidney beans,
cucumbers, salsa, jalapenos, cheese. I may not be a super-duper cook,
but I can make a salad to rock your world.  Well, as much as a salad can
rock one's world.  

Ok.  Guess that's all for today. The plan for the week?  Runs on Tuesday & Thursday.  Will keep you posted. . .