Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tree Hugger Tip of the Day

Ah, water.  How do I love thee?
See this awesome glass bottle?

I use these glass bottles instead of plastic water bottles. It's my little contribution to reduce-reuse-recycle.  These were once tea bottles (think Honest Tea, Snapple, etc.).

I drink a TON of water every day.  Well, not a ton - that's a unit of weight, not volume (nerd gene kicking in).  But honestly, I drink between 80 and 100 ounces (that's between 2 and 3 liters for those of you cool kids who live where the metric system still rules). Anyway, I was feeling seriously guilty about the number of water bottles I was going through on a weekly basis, so I started using these glass ones, which are awesome because you can just wash them in the dishwasher and refill from the fridge water filter. Easy, cheap and good for the environment.

I know what you're thinking.
But, this is green tea.  Not pee.
I also brew my own green tea and fill them up in these babies.

I cannot tell a lie; I still buy the plastic bottles for the kids. Connor doesn't like the taste of the fridge water (I know, it's ridiculous). And they can't take glass bottles to school. But plastic is religiously recycled in our house. Woe to the resident who throws recyclables into the trash can; the Wrath of Amy will fall on their heads. Yes, I know if I were a bit more militant about the environment thing, I'd stop buying the plastic bottles entirely, but at this point, I'm more concerned with just getting my kids to drink more water.  You've got to pick your battles, you know?

Also, in what is almost certainly not the healthiest choice, these Jolly Rancher drink packets are insanely yummy. I couldn't believe it myself, but they really do taste like Green Apple Jolly Rancher candies (my personal favorite flavor). Yes, they have Aspartame and artificial coloring.  But I'm thinking as long as I don't drink like 3 per day, they shouldn't kill me, right?  Oh and I should add: if you try these, you probably want to only use about half a packet in each bottle of water - they're just too sweet, otherwise.

This is yummy.
Yes, it's fluorescent green and looks like it comes from Chernobyl.
But it's really yummy.