Friday, November 21, 2014

One week

Seven days was all she wrote.  A kind of ultimatum note she gave to me.  She gave to me.  (Sorry, I wrote my post title and the Sting lyrics just popped into my brain).  

The running has been FAB.  My plan is to run the Couch-2-5K (C25K) program with my oldest, Connor, who is also interested in getting in shape and running a 5K.  I picked a race out already - the Healthy Start 5K, in Jacksonville, Florida on January 10th.  We started the C25K program last Saturday, but with Week 2.  We're both in reasonable shape, and I knew we could hack it.  We ran Saturday morning, Monday afternoon, and last night.  A perfect 3x per week.  I wouldn't have minded adding a 4th day in there, but really, three is fine and works well with our work/school schedules.  

The diet hasn't gone according to plan.  Let's just say some pizza and wine were consumed this week.  I've still dropped a couple of pounds, but if I'm honest with myself, that's probably water loss.  It's cool, though.  Small steps.  I'm just happy to be running again.  

I'm also happy its almost Thanksgiving, though I've given almost zero thought to what I'm cooking, other than the obvious (turkey!!!).  Need to do that today so I can start picking up my food items.  I'm also looking forward to the time off work.  While I ADORE my job (really, no lie), it's still nice to have some time off.

Plus, and here's the bummer, I appear to be getting sick.  I noticed the first stages on Wednesday afternoon.  Yesterday I had the scratchy hot eyes and thick sleepy head.  Today I'm feeling so-so, but it hasn't developed into a full-blown thing yet.  Fingers crossed!

In other news, TOTALLY excited about the launch of NASA's Orion spacecraft next Thursday morning.  This will just be a flight test - and while I'm skeptical NASA will be the one getting us to Mars (hello - SPACEX!!!), a launch is always cool in my book.  I'm curious to see if we'll be able to see it from our driveway.  We live a couple of hours north of Kennedy Space Center, and a wee bit inland (we're about 15 miles from the beach), but I've seen launches before from as far north as Jacksonville.  I'm planning to be outside at 7:05 am next Thursday morning to see what I can see!  And I'll probably drag the kids out, too - educational, ya'll!!!